There are few musicians that have a
more diverse background than Raymond King.

After receiving his “Master of Fine Arts” as a cellist
he has worked more or less in all genres of music.
He has composed for stage and radio dramas, produced,
mixed and did mastering of commercial CDs, he even did
some acting. Now he has finished his first solo CD.
The self-titled CD contains eleven songs written and
performed by Raymond King with friends and colleagues
that he met and worked with through the years.
They assist on certain instruments.

Born in Guyana, South America via London, England
he ended up in Stockholm, Sweden at the age of 6
and has since then been a resident of Sweden.
As a child his main interests were sports (and still is,
preferably soccer). At the age of 13 he started to play
the guitar and at 15 the cello. Since then his main focus
in life has been the arts, especially music